Davidson provides a variety of services to the support the use of fiber optic instrumentation and to assure your systems are installed and commissioned properly and operate trouble-free for years.  

System Design Services

Although many of Davidson's products can be installed as form-fit-function replacements for existing electronic instrumentation, the maximum economic and performance benefit will be derived from instrumentation designed for your specific needs.  Davidson's application engineers are available to help to optimize the design of your system.

Startup and Commissioning

Davidson recommends that you consider using Davidson installation services on your initial installation to minimize startup problems and to assure the quickest and most efficient system commissioning.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Davidson technical support staff is available to assist with troubleshooting or to conduct comprehensive diagnostics and repair.  Many problems can be resolved quickly over the phone through a simple series of diagnostic tests but if the need arises, Davidson will deploy its technicians to your site to resolve the problem.

Replacement Parts/Emergency Delivery

Davidson maintains an inventory of signal conditioners and transducers for key accounts.  Davidson will arrange overnight delivery for key accounts and will accommodate any other emergency needs as finished goods inventory will allow.

Fiber-Optic Training

The successful implementation of any new technology requires that the user have a good understanding of the system and its limitations.  Davidson can custom design a training program to meet your specific needs and schedule.  The training sessions can be structured as lunch and learn sessions to day long formal training.