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 Guide to Configuring a Fiber Optic Sensing System


Davidson Technical Publications

This page provides a list of trade journal articles, Davidson white papers, Davidson standards, and technical publications by Davidson authors.

Trade Journal Articles

InTech Magazine, January 2004 - Fabry-Perot industry ready

Combined Cycle Journal, Third Quarter, 2010 - CDM uses Fiber Optic Transducers

Davidson White Papers

Fiber Optic Sensing Basics

Guide to Configuring a Fiber Optic Sensing System

Fiber Optic Sensing System Advantages

Fiber Optic Sensing System Definitions

Davidson Standards

DavidsonSensorsTM Fiber Optic Cable and Transmission Standard

DavidsonSensorsTM Fiber Optic Connector and Termination Standard

DavidsonSensorsTM Resolution and Accuracy

Published Papers

J.W. Berthold and D.B. Needham, "Practical Application of Industrial Fiber Optic Sensing Systems," Texas A&M Instrumentation Symposium, Texas A&M University, January, 2006.

J.W. Berthold and R.L. Lopushansky, "Overview of Advanced Fiber Optic Sensor Equipment for Energy Production Applications," SPIE Proceedings, Vol. 5589, Philadelphia, PA, October, 2004.

J.W. Berthold and R.L. Lopushansky, "Instrinsically-Safe Fiber Optic Sensors Reduce Cost and Improve Process Control," ISA EXPO 2003, Houston, TX October, 2003.

R.L. Lopushansky and J.W. Berthold, "Comparison of Fiber Optic and Thermocouple Temperature Measurement in a Catalyst Tube Reactor," ISA EXPO 2003, Houston, TX October, 2003.

J.W. Berthold, L.A. Jeffers, and R.L. Lopushansky, "Fiber Optic Sensors for the Refinery of the Future," SIcon/02, Houston, TX November, 2002.

R.L. Lopushansky, "All-Optical Shipboard Sensing System," 45th International Instrumentation Symposium, Albuquerque, NM, 1999.